Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bathroom remodeling

I do apologize for my conceit, but I would like to boast about our new bathroom. When we moved to our own flat two years ago, the bathroom was a tiny and messy, dark hole, but this summer, after the makeover, we got a big and tidy, light room.

I have always liked the before and after photos - they are so inspiring - and I assume that you might like them too. 

Ex-bathroom without a bathtub

Now, I will show you some before-after look as well. I took pictures of the after appearance mainly, because I didn’t feel much like photographing a place where I didn’t even like to stay. 

In the bathroom I wanted something stylish, something classic, which won’t go out. This is why I insisted on the white and the cream colour. If we desire colours, then I will put some coloured accessories out - blue towel for example. 

So I chose everything in cream and in white colour. Only the floor tile differs, since it is caramel. 

Our bathroom furniture is the Kensington series from a Belgian company, Alke

Although we got a separated toilet we asked an extra toilet here, in the bathroom.

Because of the Geberit cistern we got an extra wall next to the bathtub, which is an ideal place for storage.

The wall tile is the product of the Villeroy&Boch, the series La Passion. Our choice was the plain tile from Champagne colour with three pockets from the décor tile. The latter was installed haphazardly.

All the bathroom fittings (taps, shower set) is from the Hansgrohe. The taps are from the Talis Classic series, the shower is Raindance.

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