Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Decoupage fridge magnet for Christmas

I like to fix shopping lists, timetables etc. with seasonal magnets. I think it’s very stylish to decorate the fridge or the metal chalkboard with festive magnets, particularly with self-crafted, original pieces, not with mass products.  

I’ve just finished this fridge magnet and I’m really satisfied with this. Two years ago I made one, but I didn’t like the design what I made up for it. Luckily I’d found some beautiful magnet at Ebay from a skilled and creative lady so I consoled myself with those.

Nevertheless my new fridge magnet is really tip-top. I had only one problem during the preparation that the paper napkin was very breakable. 

I bought the wooden tree in a craft shop. I covered the magnet with Tesa masking tape to avoid painting that. After I painted white both sides of the tree. I cut out tiny dots in different colours from a paper napkin. I arranged them and after I stuck them on the tree with decoupage glue. In the end I varnished in two coats.

What I used:

- Tesa masking tape - white acrylic paint
- colourful napkin
- decoupage glue and flat bush
- lacquer and normal brush

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