Friday, 31 January 2014

Sugar and gluten free cupcake with pink cream

This fairy cake is absolutely sugar and gluten free since I used erythritol instead of sugar and oat porridge flour instead of wheat flour. I used not oat flour but out porridge flour! 

The erythritol has zero calorie and doesn't increase insulin levels, so people with diabetes can consume it freely. 

The oat is gluten free so it's good for people with gluten intolerance or for those who are in gluten free diet.

A made the cake with mixing oat porridge flour, almond flour, a tiny bit of soda bicarbonate, erythritol, 2-3 eggs, melt butter, 100% cocoa powder. Maybe I put 2 tablespoons yogurt as well. I'm sorry but I don't remember the precise amounts of the ingredients.

I made the cream with mixing mascarpone, erythritol and just a few drops of red food colouring. Next time I will try this with butter instead of mascarpone because butter lasts longer then mascarpone. And besides I love butter just by itself :-)

You can serve these kind of coloured cream cupcakes in kinder parties too and you won't destroy the design with these :-)  

P.S. I took these pictures in the evening with using artificial lights this is why the cream looked a little bit orangish. But no, it was nice baby pink :-)

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