Saturday, 23 May 2020


Tomorrow will be my daughter's name-day. I'm sure I've already told you that she is a huge fan of Japanese cartoons. Wolf Children, Ponyo, Pokémon, Fairy Tail and Totoro are some of her favourite cartoons. 

Two years ago I had made a Fairy Tail cake with a blue cat for her birthday but I wasn't satisfied with it hence I'm sure I didn't share it with you here. 

This time she chose Totoro so I've made a Totoro felt ornament, a Totoro keychain and a Totoro cake for her name-day.

Here they are:

I hope she will like it!!! 

For the Totoro felts, I found a pattern on this blog. I didn't use all the elements of his plushie and I changed the sizes too.

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  1. Oh, adorable - your daughter will be so happy with her gift.
    Alison x


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