Sunday, 22 November 2015

DIY jar snow globe - Santa on the sleigh and trees

Oh, it's so hard to take pictures about something behind a glass! But I hope you can see my cute Christmas scene - Santa on his sleigh.

If you like it, I will show you how to make this low budget snow globe by yourself.

1. Take a clean jar.

2. Sand a little bit the lid (because - I think - the paint will adhere much better)

3. Paint the lid with silver paint in three layers. (After every layer wait until it dries.)

4. Buy not too expensive model trees and figures. My Santa was about 2,50 EUR. And place them to the lid - this is just a try to see how it will looks like.

5. With hot glue fix the trees. After put modelling paste into the lid around the trees.

6. Scatter fake snow on the modelling paste and tap it into the modelling paste.

7. Wait until it will be completely dry. Then fix the Santa with hot glue. Scatter some more fake snowflake.

8. Tie a bakers' twine around the lid and put some bells too.

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  1. what a lovely cute idea - brilliant! Hugs Rachel x


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