Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas lampshade for kids' room

Hi! I’m here again with my other lampshade design. I made this for Christmas into my daughter’s room. 

I used plain IKEA lampshades and paper napkins with pull puppet Santa/Father Christmas figures. This paper napkin is not just funny but seeing the puppet’s movement is playful as well. 

I cut out the Santa shapes from the napkin, I rid of two layers from the three, so I used only the coloured top layer. I glued on the surface with decoupage glue and a flat brush. Be careful, this layer is very delicate and breakable.

I put gold paint gently around the motives with a sponge. In the end, I covered the motives with a little lacquer. 

I made an extra lampshade too, which goes to my shop

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