Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent calendars from the Villeroy&Boch

Perhaps, you know, that I live in Luxembourg, and perhaps, you know, that the Villeroy&Boch is a Luxembourgish-born company, or at least the Boch-part (Villeroy was German). In 1767 the Boch brothers moved to Septfontaines (Luxembourg) from Audun-le-Tiche (France) and founded a company. They named it “Jean-Francois Boch et frères”. 

But I don’t want to write the history of the Villeroy&Boch company right now, I just wanted to tell you the reason of “advertising” a company and it’s products.

The point is that I’m a huge fan of advent calendars and I have seen two marvellous pieces yesterday evening in the shop-window of the Villeroy&Boch, when we were walking in the city centre of Luxembourg.

The first is for the children and it’s made from wood. You can hide each day a surprise for the little ones in a drawer.

The second one is for the adults and it’s made from china. Every day you can hang a Christmas ornament to the tree until Christmas arrives. 

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