Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas tree marzipan cake

I am ready with the Christmas cake! I'm not a talented cake maker, so I didn't believe that it could succeed. Decorating a cake is not the problem. The problem is preparing the sponge itself. But if my sponge is all right, I know that everything will be fine.

I don't have Christmas tree baking mold, this is why I used a 30 cm diameter round cake pan. I made a 30 cm diameter round shape from paper, that I folded in two for drawing a half Christmas tree on. I cut out the Christmas tree shape and I put it on the sponge. Using this shape I cut out a Christmas tree from the sponge.

I filled the sponge with a Hungarian steamed chocolate cream, because that's the only cake cream Eszter is willing to eat.

I have bought colourless marzipan and I used the green baking colour from Schwartau. I kneaded them thoroughly and I rolled the coloured marzipan out.

I decorated the tree with Smarties and I put grated chocolate on the trunk.

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