Sunday, 16 December 2012

Traditional Christmas tree

From now on, we have a decorated Christmas tree. We have bought a huge tree which reaches the ceiling. When I was a kid, with my sister we always desired trees high like this and my childhood sentiment is still with me. 

First I have cut some overhanging branches with pruning shears to give a nice shape for the tree. After I have put plenty of lights - 660 to be exact - and I don’t think that I overdid it! 

And what about the ornaments? Well, we don’t have trendy ornaments. Besides, we don’t have one colour or thematic Christmas tree either. We have more like a traditional tree.

Over the years I collected a great variety of blown glass ornaments. But they all part of the children’s world: Santas, snowmen, candy canes, mushrooms, nutcracker figures, frogs and so on.

I covered the tree stand with a Pottery Barn green velvet tree skirt. 

Nutcracker ornament

Victorian shoe ornament

Frog princess ornament

Santa polar bear ornament

Santa ornament
Snowman ornament

Bird ornament

Snowmen ornament

Santa ornament

Companies who have mouth-blown glass Christmas ornaments:

- Goodwill

- Kaethe Wolfhart

- Old World

- Inge Glas

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