Monday, 28 January 2013

Happy Birthday sign in Hungarian

Here is a birthday banner I made last year. Yes, of course, the words are Hungarian on this sign, but I’m sure, you can imagine this with the English Happy Birthday as well. I chose delicate colours: green, champagne, pink and dark blue. I changed these colours, I changed one colour to another in order. I developed the rule that the colour of a letter gives the colour of the next disc.

I printed the letters in Lucida Bright in the size of 250 and I cut them out to draw them on the coloured cardboard papers.

By the help of a mug (diameter 11 cm) I drew 17 circles on the coloured cardboard papers and I cut them out.

I sticked the letters on the discs.

I pierced two little holes on each discs and I strung one disc after another to a cord.

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