Friday, 22 February 2013

Blowing out Easter egg

Easter will be here soon! It’s time to decorate! Right now, I would like to show you how to blow out Easter eggs. I don’t pretend that this is the most professional way, but it works for us. It is worth a try, because this is a great fun for children. My daughter could blow out eggs properly from the age of four. 

Here are the instructions, step by step.

1. Buy white eggs from the food store so you don’t have to paint white if you want do decorate them later.

2. Wash it properly with a sponge because you have to remove the impurities and the the printed numbers.

3. Take a big and thick sewing needle and hammer it into the egg with something useful. As you see in the photo I used my daughter little but solid knife.

4. When the needle is in, try to expand the hole a little a bit with the tip of the needle. Practically, you have to poke the hole with the needle.

5. At the top of the egg you need smaller hole at the bottom you need a little bigger.

6. Put the top hole to your mouth and blow out the egg through the bottom hole from the eggshell.

7. When you are ready with this put some warm water into the eggshell through the bigger hole while covering the smaller hole. Shake it a bit and blow the water out as well. With this you wash out the rest of the egg and your egg won’t smell at all.

8. And now you can paint or decoupage on it.

Have fun!

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