Friday, 2 January 2015

Vintage Hungarian Santa postcards

Maybe this topic is a little bit out of date in January but I still would like to show you my vintage Hungarian St. Nick's cards.

First of all, I have to tell you that in Hungary Saint Nicolas/St. Nick/Santa Claus/Father Christmas comes during the night December 5th and the children find their presents in the morning of December 6th. The Hungarians call him: Mikulás. 

My Mikulás postcards are quite rare because in the past and in the present we rather send postcards for Christmas and the symbols of the Christmas are more the angels, the Christmas tree and the children than Mikulás.

I'm very proud of my little collection because of being rare and because it took me 10 years to get them.

These vintage postcards were printed in Germany.

You can see that our Mikulás figure how similar to the French St Nicolas image. 

The sign "Üdvözlet a Mikulástól" means Greetings from Saint Nicolas/St Nicholas.

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