Monday, 16 March 2015

Mixed media canvas with hot air balloon

Well, it was really an old, old desire: a hot air balloon picture.

Since I started to make mixed media canvases I have known that I would make one. But first I thought I could find a hot air balloon die but I was wrong because the dies were either too simple or too decorated for me and besides they were all too small.

I wanted the hot air balloon to dominate in the picture. I have a favourite painting from a Hungarian "plein air" painter,  from Szinyei Merse Pál. In his painting there's nothing else than a hot air balloon, clouds, sky and dreams.

But my picture is a mixed media canvas and therefore it looks like this:

The canvas is 30x40 cm and I covered it with modelling paste. 

When the modelling paste was dry I rubbed acrylic paints on the canvas with a sponge.

I made the hot air balloon with using a big mug. 

I cut out the clouds, the basket, the decoration of the balloon, the birds and the text with dies.

What I used:

Memory Box Die, Flying Birds

acryl paints

white cardstocks, book pages

glue, medium

30x40 cm canvas

Schmincke modelling paste

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