Monday, 18 January 2016

Sizzix - treat boxes for birthday party

The last weekend was Eszter's birthday. Like every year they celebrate her birthday at school with her classmates. So this week I have to bring a cake to the class and treat boxes for the kids. 

This time I chose Brenda Walton Treat Popper to make the little presents.

Well, this is why I had bought the Sizzix machine to be able to make 26 mini handmade presents! (If you counted my presents, you can see that here are just 24, because I had to make 2 different with other fillings for the classmates who have allergies.)

If you don't know how to assemble the treat popper, please click on Brenda Walton's video, she explains everything.

Almost everything :-)

As for the tissue paper, I figured out a size I cut out from my big roll. I needed a 13x35 cm piece to work easily with it.

Because the kids prefer a little bit more the quantity than quality, I tried the perfect arrangements for the sweets. For example the mini Milka chocolate bars didn't fit in well.

But two Lindt and two Frey chocolate bars, plus one mini box Smarties were just perfect.

I couldn't put more decorations on the boxes because I have  to place all into a bag on top of each other to take them to the school.

If you want to see my last year treat boxes, please hop over here.

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