Friday, 18 March 2016

Girl with cupcake on a wooden box

One week ago I have given a box to a girl from Eszter's class who helped us out with some lessons and homework when Eszter was ill. The box was a round wooden box with three butterflies. 

This morning Eszter's other classmate, Malika came to me to tell me that she really liked my box with butterflies. So this afternoon when I go for Eszter I will give this tiny little box - filled with chocolate of course - to Malika because of her sweet compliment. 

For this box I used the stamp set of Penny Black Stamp: Cake&Wishes.

I drew myself the letter M :-)

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  1. A charming way to say thank you, and I'm not surprised Eszter's other friend wanted one too - so sweet!
    Alison x


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