Thursday, 7 April 2016

Warner Bros Studio - Harry Potter

I've just returned from an exciting one-week holiday in London. Although for me it was not the first time being or living in London but it was the absolute first time for my daughter and luckily she, just like me, loved the city.

Unfortunately, I can't show you guys all the pictures I have made and I can't share with you all the experiences we had but believe me, it was totally awesome. We went twice to theaters (Charlie and the chocolate factory, Lion king), we visited the Tower and the China Town, we showed Eszter the Parliament, the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace, the Harrods, the Hamleys etc., we fed parakeets, tits and squirrels by hand in Hyde Park and... we went to the Warner Bros Studio to see all the Harry Potter's scenes, costumes, props and visual effects. It was amazing and we didn't want to leave but we had to catch our special Harry Potter bus.

So I would like to show you some of my photos from the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

I'm still in Hungary but I'm sure if I return to Luxembourg I will make London and/or Harry Potter themed creations.

P.S. Have you ever tasted the every flavour beans? I've just tasted the booger and canned dog food, yuck! But the baby wipes, toothpaste and lawn clippings were quite okay :-)


  1. Oh monika ... wonderful memories. We were at harry potter studios this time last year and absolutely loved it. Your daughter is a sweetie .. how old is she? She looks about the age of my lucy who is 9. Don't tell her i said that if she is 12 .... they are very sensitive of their age! Loved seeing your pictures...thanks for sharing. Hugs rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel, you guessed quite well the age of my Eszter :-) She is 10! And yes, I'have seen in your pictures that our daughters could be the same age :-)) xxx


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