Tuesday, 6 November 2012

An antique postcard, a paper napkin and a French cheese box

Do you know the IHR (Ideal Home Range) Christmas paper napkin? You can see Santa/Father Christmas in red suit with children around him. The title of the napkin is: Victorian Father Christmas. Beautiful! The original picture was supposedly made by K. (Karl) Röger around 1895.

The IHR napkin: Victorian Father Christmas

Many years ago, I bought a pocket from this paper napkin and when I was in creative mood, I applied one of them on a French cheese box which just got empty. 

My first decoupage box with this motive

My other hobby is collecting vintage Christmas postcards and when I was searching the internet, I was astonished to find a postcard with the same picture with the text “Joyeux Noël” on it. It was so miraculous that I bought it immediately. It has only one defect - someone has written the date 1909 on the picture with a marker (what a barbarism!) although the date was clearly visible on the cancellation of the stamp. For all that this is my most precious piece of my collection. In the corner of the postcard there is the monogram: K. R.

The vintage Christmas postcard 

Another cheese box

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