Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Handmade Advent calendar with decoupage technique

I made this Advent calendar for my 4 years old nephew, Zsigmond (Sigismund). 

For this I bought 24 white zinc buckets in a craft shop. They are so tiny, their height is not more than 6 cm, and the diameter above is only 6.5 cm. Luckily in the same shop I found a pocket of paper napkins with Advent motives. Although not all the 24 numbers occur on the napkin but luckily all the numbers are present from 0 to 9 so it is possible to cut out and put together the missing numbers for the 24 days.

Beside the numbers I also cut out the bigger and the smaller pictures. I glued the big ones on the opposite side and the small pictures all around the buckets. At the end I put two coats of lacquer on the surface.

You can put the buckets on a shelf but they take up too much space like this. So instead I twined  a green and a red raffia and I tightened them between two screws. After I tied each buckets on the twined raffia rope.

Some buckets with numbers:

The other side of the buckets:

What I used:

- 24 white zinc buckets (height 6 cm)
- 3 paper napkins with Advent motives
- decoupage glue and decoupage flat brush
- lacquer and normal brush

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