Saturday, 24 November 2012

Felt Christmas tree ornament

Thursday night I drew a sketch before I went to sleep. I imagined a felt Christmas tree in bright green colour with a couple of dots. I could hardly fall asleep because I was so excited about my new project.

Friday morning I went to one of the hobby craft shops in Luxembourg where I bought some felt sheets and some embroidery flosses in different colours. (The felt is 2 mm thick)

My sketch

When I got home I made a template and I lined around it as many times as I could. I cut them out.

I drew a half tree on a paper folded in two

I lined the first template on a card

I cut out the final template

I drew little dots on the green felt trees and I started to embroider them with blue and red flosses alternately. When I finished with this I made some yellow stars if I found enough place and I embroidered brown the trunk.

I fixed green cords onto the top of the trees (the inner part of course). 

In the end I put together two parts and I stitched them up with green thread.

I’m very satisfied with them. They look like exactly as I imagined them. 

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