Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Handmade Christmas decorations from glass jars

I got this inspiration from the Casa shop. Last year they sold candle holders decorated with the images of vintage Christmas postcards. So I decided to make something similar.

The difference is, that I used bigger glass containers, because my printed pictures were quite large, and because I was not sure about the later use of them. I put either candles, or decorated branches into them...

Well, here are the steps of the preparation:

1. I printed a montage of vintage Christmas postcards.

2. I cut out one picture.

3. I put some glue on the backside of the cutout.

4. I smoothed it as I could.

5. I chose a rustic type rope.

6. I glued it tightly around the mouth of the jar. (It was not a nice part of the jar, so it was important to hide it.)

7. After the drying you can cover the image with some lacquer, if you want.

It has nearly the same height as an IKEA lantern.

For you, my dear readers, I made two montages from the collection of my vintage Christmas postcards. I hope you can use it! (If you can’t get around with them I can send you in PDF format. Just send me an email address in the comment.)

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