Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My firs post - Welcome!

Hi and welcome everybody! My name is Monika Gulyás. I am a Hungarian mum who lives in Luxembourg. In elementary school I had a nickname, Gui, which comes from my family name, Gulyás. The word Gui has a wonderful meaning in French: mistletoe. So I decided to use this name on my blog - Mistletoe Home Decoration.

Although I obtained a degree from political science I'm more interested in home decorating than political parties and their skirmishing. Here, on my blog, I would like to share with you my home decorating and crafting ideas as well as my DIY projects. 

About decoupage: I started to make decoupage home accessories in my spare time when I was working in the Archives of the Hungarian Radio (1999-2004).
Since I live in Luxembourg (from 2004) I have had more time to do my DIY projects.

About felt embroidery: In my childhood - since I was two - I was practicing embroidery with my grandmother, but after I forgot it for a while. Now I refreshed  my memories and I used this well-known techique to make felt ornaments.

Thank you for visiting me and please forgive me for my not too perfect English!

In 2006

My two daughters, Eszter and Rozi :-)

With Eszter in 2014

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