Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The desk area

This year my daughter, Eszter started the school. Hence I had to transform her room because of the new demands. We got rid of the little IKEA Leksvik children’s table and the IKEA Diktad chest of drawers with bookshelves (ex-changing table). We bought a nice desk in their place.

The room got a new colour. I painted white colours over the original colour of all the remaining furniture: the new desk, the bookcase and the bed (the latter I will tell more in an other blogpost).

The new desk what I found in one of my favourite home decorating and furniture stores, in the Maison du Monde, I had to alter profoundly. Since the desk was made for boys. It had a khaki colour and it was decorated with lots of blue stars and numbers. I would like to note here, that I had information of the stars and the numbers only and not the khaki colour because on the website picture of Maison du Monde the desk seemed ivory. And moreover, it had a keyboard tray too what I had to remove.

The desk on the picture of Maison du Monde

But to tell the truth, despite of all, it was the most perfect one of all the desks (for form and for size) what I saw. So, instead of being indignant I painted cream colour over it.

We were thinking a lot about the office chairs but in the end we chose the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair. Because it was important that Eszter reaches the desk comfortably and she can properly support her feet on the footrest. Only in this position we can expect a good job from her. We thought about a desk with adjustable legs, so we looked the Flexa and other companies offers but I didn’t like any of them. For us the adjustable chair was a better idea.

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