Thursday, 8 November 2012

Salt dough decorations for Christmas

It’s time to look for the Christmas decorations and check their condition. Today morning I have found my salt dough decorations what I had prepared last year. But surprisingly they are still in very good condition.

Now, I will tell you how I made them. It was easy, and to tell the truth I couldn’t follow precisely the recipe what I had found on the internet. The instruction wanted me to use 200 grammes (about 0.45 lb.) flour and 300 grammes (about 0.65 lb.) salt and some wallpaper paste as well. However, I hadn’t got neither enough salt, nor wallpaper paste at home. So I mixed circa 150-200 grammes salt with the flour and some water. Luckily the dough was good enough in this way too.
I put them on a floured table and rolled out with a rolling pin until it was 5 millimetre (0.20 in.) flat. After I cut out different forms with my cookie cutters. I made holes with a toothpick. Beware of making too tiny hole, because you can’t pull a string through it.
I covered the baking tray with greaseproof sheets and after I put the shapes on the tray. I dried the salt dough forms in the oven in very low temperature. I didn’t even close the door of the oven entirely.
When they were dry I painted them with acrylic paint. I put some tiny dots around the shape. In the end I covered with lacquer to make it durable.

And here is my extra design :-) my gingerbread man but I haven't come across him yet, only his last year photo.

What I used:
- 200 grammes flour
- 150-200 grammes salt
- some water
- acrylic paint in diferent colours
- brush
- lacquer
- raffia rope


  1. ho does one get the shape out of the cookie cutter to hold its shape while removing from the cutter?

  2. The dough has to be quite thick, you mustn't add too much water otherwise it will be sticky. Put some flour on the baking mat under the dough and you can put the cookie cutter in the flour before using it and shaping a form. Silicone baking mat is very useful too. Good luck!


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