Monday, 3 December 2012

Decoupage box with owls

For some reason, for some odd reason, the owls are very trendy in children design. You must admit that in nature the owls are not nice birds, but you must admit that in fantasy world those colourful, big eyes owls are really cute. And when I found a paper napkin with the most adorable owls I felt constrained to prepare something from that and I made this:

And here is the napkin:

I decided to make a box to children’s room. It was a long work because I used a recycled  paper box and I had to paint it white in several coats.

I wrote the words owl and hibou (this means owl in French) on the lid of the box.

I used Schmincke gloss lacquer because it's perfect for the acrylic paint and it's neither too harsh, nor too bright. But there is also water based varnish with different shines (glossy, satin, matte).

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