Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Felt owls for children

Chouettes en feutrine pour les enfants

Luckily, nowadays we could invite many children to our home for playdates. Normally I leave my daughter with her friends to play freely. But I thought that it would be a nice, few minutes program for them to make some souvenirs what they could bring home. 

So I have bought felt sheets in many colours (3 mm thick for the body and 1 mm thick for the other parts - beak, eyes, wings) and I have decided to cut out owl figures. The children don't have to do anything but choose a design and glue the parts.

They can choose from these types:

and from these:

And here is the tutorial:

1. Print an owl pattern from Internet (I printed two and I mixed them).

2. Cut it out and copy the parts on a paperboard.

3. Draw the parts on the felts.

4. Cut out the forms.

Some extra tip: Put them into a plastic bag separately. Like this the parts won't mix up.

When the children are over here, I just give them a little pouch and a felt glue to make their own owls. The felt owl making is a good program at a birthday party too.

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