Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Alternative party bag

There’s nothing to do! At a birthday party not just the birthday girl (or boy) gets presents but the guests as well. It wasn’t fashionable in my childhood, but the world is changing and I have to adapt to the new trends.

But instead of party bags, I gave party jars for the kids. Following the preparation of the jar for the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean, I made 6 charming girlish jars. (I was lucky because my daughter invited only girls to her party, so I didn’t have to make it in different styles.)

And what’s more, I figured out that they can fill their jars with the candy which will spill out from the pinata. And yes, it was a good idea! I dare say that they enjoyed their party “bags” better this way. They worked for it! After the pinata was smashed, the children, like seven greedy elves tried to gather as much candy as they could, and after they tried to squeeze them into the jars. They were sooo sweet! - I mean the kids. 

But most importantly, the size of the jar was a limit. They couldn’t bring too much candy at home, so I could hope not to be killed by the mothers because of the tons and tons of sweets.

Tutorial (for simplicity I write about one piece of jar):

1. Empty a jam jar, remove the original label and wash it up properly.

2. Paint acrylic paint on the lid. (I had to put 5 coats from Marabu Azalea colour - 241)

3. Put two coats of lacquer on the lid. 

4. Create a label either in Pages or in Microsoft Word. I wrote on the label: “To Anna from Eszter  2013"

5. Print it and cut it out.

6. Glue the label backside and stick it on the jar.

7. Put one coat of Schmincke acylic medium - this does wonders with the colours.

8. Finally, tie a ribbon under the lid. 

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