Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Green polka dot birthday cake

If you think I have no more ideas of green polka dot decoration... then you are completely wrong :-) Yes, indeed. I prepared two green marzipan birthday cakes with white dots - one small for the family and one big for the party. 

The method was the same as for making the marzipan Christmas cake. The two differences are the shape and the dots. In the case of the Christmas tree I used Smarties to decorate the “tree” but now, for the birthday cakes I made the dots from a colourless marzipan.

Therefore I just show you the photos right now:

This is the small cake for the family

Do you see that there are exactly seven dots on the cake? I didn't do that on purpose. But what a luck! (We celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday.)

And this was the big one for the party:

This was a little bit lighter green because I run out of green colouring.

And again, there are seven dots in the middle of the cake! Can you believe me that it was just a fortunate accident once more? But please, believe me!

Here is the kneaded marzipan:

And the dots:

You might ask why this woman uses always marzipan instead of fondant? With the fondant it is much easier to work, it's nicer on the cake and it's cheaper. 

Because, the fondant is barely nothing else than sugar! A good quality marzipan contains no more than 35% sugar. And since we have no nut allergies, I can use it freely.

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