Thursday, 10 January 2013

Polka dot number sign for birthday party

On January 6th, after Epiphany I always have to hurry to put away all the Christmas decorations, because my daughter’s birthday is coming relentlessly. As I’m organizing a birthday party I have started to make the handmade decorations. First of all I prepared a giant (70 cm) polka dot number, a 7, as she will be 7 years old. 

Here are the steps how I made it:

1. I drew a 7 on a board paper.

2. I cut it out.

3. I painted green with Marabu acrylic paint on both sides. I put at least three coats.

4. I used a white label sticker and I drew dots with using a plastic cap. I could draw 2 dots on every label.

5. I arranged the dots on the number and after I sticked them up.

6. I lacquered with two coats.

7. I attached a paper raffia to the 7 and I hung it up on the wall.


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