Friday, 18 January 2013

Polka dot sign for birthday party

This year I made not just a huge number but a sign as well for my daughter’s birthday.  In this case the design or the theme was identical to the giant number: green background with white dots. The text what I wanted to show contains two words: ESZTER (the name of my daughter) and PARTY.

1. I cut out eleven round shape of diameter 11 cm from a black cardboard. (That was the only cardboard I had at home) For drawing the shape I used a mug.

2. I painted the same green on them that I used for the number sign (Marabu light green  - 062). I put three layers on both sides. 

3. I drew loads of dots on a label sticker with using a lid of a felt tip pen. It’s about 1,5 cm in diameter. 

4. I cut out the dots and after I sticked them on the discs.

5. I lacquered in two coats both sides.

6. I printed the two words - ESZTER and PARTY - with Lucida Bright font in the size of 250.

7. I cut the letters out and I copied on the same black cardboard that I used for the discs. 

8. I glued the cardboard letters on the green polka dot discs. 

9. I lacquered the letters too.

10. I fixed the discs to the wall with patafix.

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