Sunday, 24 March 2013

Papier mâché Easter bunny figurine

This is my first but surely not my last papier mâché figurine. I've been longing for an Easter bunny sculpture for a long time. Sooo, I decided to make one by myself. For this I used the paper maché technique which was not entirelly unknown for me since I have made a pinata earlier.

I tried to document the preparation with photos and now I try to explain it.

1. I pierced a wire into the top of a French cheese box. 

2. I filled this top with papers. I attached the papers to the box with Tesa tape. This became the pedestal of the sculpture. 

3. I wound Tesa tape around the wire.

4. I started to build the body of the rabbit - first of all the legs.

5. The belly came next.

6. When the body was ready I started to cover it with pieces of newspaper. For this I used papier mâché paste (a mixture of flour and water).

7. I installed safety eyes on the face.

8. After it dried completely I started to paint.

9. Parallel with the rabbit I made a flower too.

10. I covered the whole bunny with Schmincke acrylic fluid-medium.

11. I placed the flower into the hands of the rabbit.

The things I used:

Rayher safety eyes
Tesa tape
papier mâché paste
Rayher wire
French cheese box top
acrylic paint
Schmincke acryl fluid-medium

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