Saturday, 30 March 2013

Papier mâché polka dot Easter eggs

I got ready with these papier mâché eggs just in time before Easter. I chose such colours which match to the paper mache bunny that stands on the mantelpiece. Hence I intended these eggs also to the mantelpiece. 

The method of the preparation:

I bought plastic eggs from Rayher and I put masking tape around them. I tore a newspaper into little pieces and I glued them to the eggs with paper maché paste (mixture of flour and water).

When I thoroughly covered the eggs with newspaper and  when they all dried, I started to paint them with acrylic paints - with blue, pink and yellow.

Then I painted white dots on them. Finally I covered them with Schmincke acryl fluid-medium.

The things I used:

6 Rayher plastic eggs
Tesa tape
paper maché paste
acrylic paints
Schmincke acryl fluid-medium

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