Monday, 20 January 2014

Winter birthday party - Piñata with snowflakes

Fête d'anniversaire en hiver - Piñata avec flocons de neige

The piñata became a basic element of Eszter's birthdays. I fill the piñata with mini chocolate bars and candies so the guests can fill their treat bags with these. 

Since I had already written the tutorial on making piñata I won't repeat myself again. But I have taken many pictures which tell a lot about the process. There is only one difference between the last year and the this year piñata that I haven't used vaseline this time. Because of the vaseline the papier mâché paste doesn't dry quickly and without the vaseline the balloon  still comes out easily.

Here is the blue piñata with white snowflakes which has the same design as other decorations of Eszter's birthday.

And the pictures about how to do.

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