Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Singing paper puppet

I have prepared these puppets with my daughter to sing the "Happy Birthday!" song on my husband's birthday. We have seen this idea on Da Vinci Learning, they have made something similar but ours succeeded much better :-)

What you need for the preparation:

a paper plate
a paper towel tube
a big wooden bead
two brads
a strong rubber band
fishing string
a pair of scissors
acrylic paint or/and pencils, markers

How to make it step by step:

1. Draw the face on the paper plate.

2. Paint the face.

3. Paint the paper tube.

4. If the paint is dry on the face, cut off the unnecessary parts.

5. If the paint is dry on the body cut two line on the two opposite sides.

6. Put two brads at both ends of the mouth line.

7. Put the elastic band, fixing with the brads.

8. Tie the fishing string to a wooden bead. And after let the bead down inside the tube.

9. Tie the other end of the string to the lower part of the elastic band. Cut off the unnecessary part.

10. Pull the bead up and down so you move the mouth.

11. Have fun!

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