Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Gluten- and sugarfree chestnut cake

It's my hubby's birthday today! I've already written here in many blogposts that we - and mainly my hubby - follow the paleolithic (paleo, stone age) diet. So it was obvious that I had to prepare a paleo cake for him.

This was a chestnut cake. 

However this cake is not 100 per cent paleo because I had used 85 per cent dark chocolate and 3 tablespoons of a jam which contained 10 per cent honey. But if you would like a total paleo cake you can replace the jam by frozen fruit and the chocolate by 100 per cent cacao powder.

Anyway, I had to make the same preparation with the baking form and with the oven like I made a normal cake.

So, for the sponge I have used 10 eggs. I beat the whites with 2 tablespoon erythritol. I mixed thoroughly the yolks with one tablespoon erythritol. Then I put the yolks to the whites. In a bowl I put the cacao powder, the chestnut flour and the bicarbonate of soda. I used a sieves to add this mix to the beaten eggs. I blended the flour-cacao-bicarbonate powders to the eggs very carefully not to smash the beaten egg.

Ingredients to the sponge cake:

10 eggs
7 tablespoons of chestnut flour (circa)
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder (circa)
3 tablespoons of erythritol
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

From this amount I could bake two sponge cakes.

For the cream I smashed the cooked chestnut with a fork, then I added the jam and the cocos milk. With a hand blender I made a creamy purée from this mixture. 

Ingredients for the cream:

500 gramscooked chestnut
200 millilitres cocos milk
3-4 tablespoons sour cherry jam
1 bottle rum flavoring  (Dr Oetker)

And in the and I grated Lindt chocolate (85 per cent) to the top of the cake.

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