Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Miniature salt-dough pumpkins for Halloween

We made some Halloween salt dough decorations again this year. Most this year ornaments were similar to last year ones. But of course there were some novelties too. These mini pumpkins were among the new pieces. 

From salt dough I shaped some balls and after I pressed them a little bit pumpkin-like. With a wooden stick I drew hard  lines on the surface lengthwise. With this stick I made a little hole in the middle and I insert a quite thick string in it - this became the stem of the pumpkin.

When it dried I painted with acrylic paint. I put some greenish-brownish colour to the lines and to the middle.

Just to see the sizes, how little my pumpkins, I placed them next to my miniature paper house and I took a photo for you.

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