Monday, 10 November 2014

Gluten and sugar free cake pop, or paleo cake pop

I'm trying to make a good paleo cake pop recipe because the cake pop is very popular among children and because I hope that one day our daughter will follow the paleo diet. But the thing is for the moment - if Eszter finds out that a cake is paleo she doesn't even taste it.

And unfortunately she figures it out very soon because if daddy is eating of it then she knows that it's hundred percent paleo.

Never mind! I'll keep trying! 

Well, I have made 80 balls to make cake pops for my husband's name day. And while I was creating the cake I took several notes on post-its. So this is my recipe... It works... But if you would like you can use it as a basic and you can change some ingredients. This recipe is suitable for the paleo diet but also good for those who have diabetes or those who are on gluten free diet.


200 grams almond flour
150 grams oat flake flour (if you don't have put the oat flakes to coffee grinder)
20 grams 100 % cacao powder 
100 grams erythritol (this a natural sweetener with 0% calorie)
6 eggs
50 grams sultanas
100 grams cocoa butter
2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda
300 grams paleo jam (without sugar)
a few drops of almond flavours

If you don't have oat flake flour, just put the oat flakes into a coffee grinder. 

I also put the erythritol to the coffee grinder to have powdery erythritol.

My jam was home made, my sister made this to me during the summer with erythritol. But you can find 100% fruit jam without any added sugar.

I mixed the sultanas, the jam and the eggs with a blender then I added the melted cocoa butter. And I put all of these to the bowl where I had already mixed the almond flour, the oat flour, the cocoa powder, the bicarbonate and erythritol powder. Then I added some water.

I stirred it thoroughly and after with a teaspoon I filled the  bottom of the cake pop mould. 

I baked it about 20 minutes at 170-180 degrees. 

I waited until the cake cooled down completely. 

I made only 4 real cake pops because I had no more patience and time to make more. So for this 4, first I dipped the balls into the paleo jam and after the melted chocolate. 

It was delicious with and without the coating :-) And it was all gone in two days!

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