Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas decoration on mantelpiece

Yesterday I changed the decoration on the mantel and I put  there all the things from last year. Later I may do something more sophisticated, but for the moment copying the tested decoration is perfect enough.

The stocking holders are used, silver-plated Pottery Barn pieces I have bought at Ebay.

The Christmas stockings from the Pottery Barn Kids.

I put emptied IKEA glass, scented candle holders (TINDRA) with tea lights. This is ideal as background lighting. 

The two silver-plated candle holders are from Hungary. My daughter got them from her grandparents.

For us the Christmas stockings play role on 6th of December when Saint Nicholas comes and visits us. In Hungary Saint Nicholas (Mikulás) puts his presents into the well cleaned children’s boots which stand on the window sill. 

I remember how carefully we shined our boots with my sister and how excitedly we waited the old chap who was our mother of course. She always had to put a lot of stuff next to our boots since girl boots are not big enough. 

Our Christmas stockings are definitely much bigger and in this case I’m in trouble every year to fill it thoroughly with presents. 

The difference between a PBK stocking and a girl's boot

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