Monday, 19 November 2012

Kids’ room in Christmas mood

My daughter’s room was the first place to get a Christmas decoration. Like every year I place the Pottery Barn Kids Winter Wonderland quilt on her bed with the decorative pillows. It’s so beautiful!

And what's beneath the cover?

This wooden advent calendar is my other favourite and it was not me who made it. I have bought it at Ebay. (But you can see mine here.)

Each year I print a picture of a vintage postcard and I insert that into a frame by IKEA. 

Three years ago...

And this year

Three years ago I put a real antique postcard into a smaller IKEA frame and I hung a Christmas wooden garland under.

Here are another alternative using the Christmas garland from this year. I could also display my salt dough decorations.

And from a further perspective you can admire Eszter's self-portrait.

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