Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fake fireplace

It’s two years now that we moved to our new apartment in Luxembourg. We have been living here since 2004 and at the beginning (for many years) we have been just tenants here, in Luxembourg. But I (more than my husband) longed to be  an owner. I longed to have our own flat where I can do whatever I want. And here we are, in our own property.

When we bought this flat, it had a fake plaster fireplace installed in the living room. We had plenty plans about the flat and in this plans the fireplace didn’t play any role. Moreover, it was just an obstacle.

When we moved in

But until our plans was not developped well we started to use the fireplace. I put some decoration on the mantel, and I asked my husband to fix the antique mirror above it and I placed a hand-woven basket under for the magazines.

And one morning in December when I took my child to school, she mentioned me that how great it was that on the roof of our new house there were chimneys. I told her yes, that’s true, but where we lived before there were chimneys on the roof too. And she replied immediately: “Yes, but here we got a fireplace as well! And you know mum, when Santa visits us, he will plop right into the magazines!” 

When I organized a birthday party for Eszter

In that very moment I decided to safe the fake fireplace. And by now I became fond of this piece. I recognized what an ideal place it is to decorate. Sometimes this is the only tidy place where there are no toys or other inappropriate objects in the living room. This is an island of the peace, a home altar :-)

Autumn decoration in 2011

I enjoy decorating it from season to season. And I discovered many home decoration stores, which sold fake fireplaces in many designs and in many materials (wood, plaster, etc.). If the illusion of a fireplace is enough for you, you just have to go to a home decorating store and buy one. And you don't need a flue. Here I would like to show you some options.

Maison du Monde Atelier
Maison du Monde Newport

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