Monday, 7 July 2014

Styrofoam owl decorated with decopatch technique

It was the first time I have done this technique. In fact it wasn't really unknown for me since it's very similar to the papier-mâché and to the decoupage technique. 

Although I know that there is a special decopatch paper which makes this technique easier, I put a used wrapping paper on the styrofoam owl. 

Well, with a wrapping paper I could do this.

Here is the styrofoam owl naked.

I cut the wrapping paper into little pieces and I put them to the body with decoupage glue. You have to put the glue not just on the surface of the paper but to the other side, to the bottom too.

In the end I painted Marabu varnish on the paper.

I prepared this as a spring-summer decoration to Eszter's room.

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