Saturday, 25 May 2013

Spring marzipan cake

We Hungarians celebrate not just the birthday but the name day too. Yesterday was my daughter’s name day. It was me again who prepared the cake for this occasion, because  unfortunately she doesn’t like those fantastic cakes I usually buy from the Luxembourgish bakeries. She prefers my chocolate cake covered with marzipan. 

Even though it is much more easier working with fondant and the final result is a lot nicer with this, I insist on marzipan because it’s much healthier than the nothing but sugar fondant. A good quality marzipan contains more than 60% almonds.

Anyway, rolling out the coloured marzipan between two baking papers is not that difficult.

I made a spring cake. The basic was green where I put red petal flowers with yellow center. Since the green cover was not flawless I sprinkled tiny sugar balls next to the big flowers to hide the little defects. 

And one more thing if I boast with my health freak, I put sugar and erytritol in equal proportions into the chocolate cream.

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